Chiropractic Lifestyle Center

We are proud of what sets us apart and we are here to assist in creating a community of healthy people, who live and thrive, while on their pathway to health.

                       Why Choose Us?

  1. We love our patients and treat them like family!
  2. Clinic Director has 27 years of clinical experience
  3. Welcoming and highly trained admin team who listens and cares
  4. Holistic approach: mind, body & spirit of the whole person
  5. Dedicated providers who explore the root cause of your health challenge - WITH YOU!
  6. Authentic personalized care –we honor your uniqueness
  7. Beautiful, warm and comfortable sustainably-built clinic – uses solar power
  8. Offer a variety of health-promoting services under one roof
  9. Convenience - just off Wheaton Way between Bremerton and Silverdale
  10. We care about your function and quality of life; not overly focused on pain
  11. Store filled with healthy products to supplement your healing and well-being
  12. Offer on-line supplement ordering for your convenience - shipped to your home!
  13. Pediatric and prenatal specialist: treat newborns, infants and children - learn the benefits here! 
  14. Will make house calls for women in labor and post-partum
  15. Strong partnerships with attorneys to help you recover from motor vehicle collision injuries
  16. Our team genuinely cares about each other and our own health
  17. Electronic health records and coordination of care with other providers
  18. Make referrals for other services when appropriate to compliment chiropractic care
  19. On time – little to no waiting
  20. Return calls and emails same day
  21. Offer free consultations to meet the providers
  22. Hub for healthy lifestyle education - large lending library and handouts
  23. Movement Studio offers yoga, pilates, classes, workshops, and community events
  24. Tea and bottled water available for you
  25. Beautiful herb garden for patient enjoyment

Welcome to Chiropractic Lifestyle Center in East Bremerton!
We love what we do and it is an honor to be here in this beautiful Pacific Northwest community in the valuable and growing business of natural health care.  Great health is not a destination but rather a manner of traveling. We are here to assist you in your path to health and healing.

Our providers and staff listen, support, guide, inform, educate, treat, and celebrate. Improving lives is our top priority.

We offer a variety of effective services to help you achieve your health care goals. Many people initially come to the office for pain relief. When symptoms improve, the deeper healing begins. We teach you what your body needs to be healthy and how to maintain your health and sense of well-being.  We provide a perspective that focuses on bringing the body into balance so you can minimize or eliminate the need for medical interventions. This perspective begins ideally during pregnancy and with newborn babies.

Chiropractic is foundational to our vision. Our chiropractors evaluate and treat the spine and nervous system so that each of you has the very best opportunity to reach your full potential.

Call our office at (360) 373-2225 for an appointment today!