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Exercise Rehabilitation

Pro-Lordotic neck exercisers are now in stock to restore proper cervical curve.! Ask your doctor to demonstrate use during your next chiropractic visit, and learn more about the Pro-Lordotic neck exerciser by watching this video.

People come to the chiropractor for a wide variety of reasons. Many conditions respond especially well to chiropractic adjustments when they are given in conjunction with rehabilitative exercises. At CLC we believe that appropriate exercise is an essential component of a healthy lifestyle as well as an integral part of healing from an injury or chronic condition.

CentriForceChiropractic Lifestyle Center is proud to be one of the only local representatives of the cutting edge CentriForce®. Utilizing a scientifically designed weighted bar and specific dynamic motions, CentriForce® has been shown to be one of the most effective methods for the repair of spinal musculature. Designed by doctors with years of experience in spine care and World and Olympic athletic training, CentriForce® is a highly rated program for core strengthening, spinal support and overall back health. It is done while standing and combines functional and natural movement training for your upper and lower body.

Our staff teaches you how to perform the basic skills using the CentriForce® bar. Then you have the option to purchase your bar and transition to a home care program. When you are ready for more advanced skills, we are here to provide the next level of your spine and core fitness. CentriForce® benefits youths to seniors and is easy to learn and fun to do.

Ask our staff for a brochure or demonstration of the CenriForce® System.

Our other rehabilitation programs utilize Swiss exercise balls, stability discs and balance pads, free weights, foam rolling, and bodyweight exercises, and postures.

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