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For Pregnancy

For Pregnancy

For many women, the most remarkable and memorable time in their lives is the nine months of a pregnancy. The journey from seeing the color change on a pregnancy test strip, followed by hearing the whooshing of a heartbeat, to feeling a life tumbling inside your belly, is a journey like no other.

The most rapid period of human growth is this prenatal period. A myriad of physical, hormonal, and emotional changes occur for baby and mother, one on the heels of another. The maternal changes commonly lead to symptoms such as back pain, heartburn, swelling, nausea, sleep difficulty, and fear and anxiety.

Our doctors spend the time to take a detailed history, listen to patient’s concerns, and really understand what is going on in their lives during this vitally important time. We believe all pregnant women should ideally see a physician or midwife and a chiropractor and massage therapist for optimal prenatal care.

Reasons for chiropractic care

  • Back, rib, thigh or hip pain

  • Breech baby presentation

  • Premature contractions

  • Desire for easier labor and delivery

  • Desire for optimal neurologic health for mother AND baby

Chiropractic Pregnancy Care