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Lifestyle Care

Lifestyle care is the foundation of our practice. It is a way of living and invites you to look beyond your problems or diagnosis and focus on making healthy choices for optimal vitality and well-being. Many people initially come to us because of an injury or pain and as we progress through the phases of treatment, the pain often subsides and the body returns to a healthier state. Then what? Am I done? Is there follow up care? How do I stay healthy?

These are the questions that are answered with lifestyle care. In our office, lifestyle care is a choice much like going to the dentist for check ups. It is a perspective that focuses on maximizing the body's ability to adapt to the internal and external environments. With chiropractic care, it might mean getting an adjustment every few weeks to every few months throughout life to keep the nervous system working optimally. Lifestyle care could mean getting a massage when muscles feel tight or stress is rising to help keep the body and mind flexible. With acupuncture, a treatment to keep energy pathways open allows the body more flow and function.

The hundreds of choices you make each and every day about how you live your life really do matter. What you eat and drink, how you sit and stand, what you think, how you move, and how you speak all affect how your body works and your feelings of health and well-being. We guide you through the steps to discover the lifestyle choices that are right for you!