The links that follow will lead you to a vast and varied array of information about chiropractic care and other healing modalities available at CLC.  Our doctors are continually seeking new information and keeping abreast of the latest research.  These sites point to some of that information, so you can read it for yourself.  Check our website regularly for more links to the latest information.  And remember, you can always contact our office for further access.

Peninsula Birth Network

Washington State Chiropractic Association (WSCA)

International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA)

ChiroWeb (Informational Site)

Acupuncture and the US Military

Acupuncture and the release of endorphins

Acupuncture and vasodilation

Acupuncture and neural inhibition (pain reduction)

25 Reasons to Get a Massage

 An Excellent Local Massage School