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Great health is something we all want for ourselves and our family.  Yet we live our lives in ways that are often out of balance with what our bodies need to express that great health and potential.  

Research supports the fact that the cause of the majority of chronic diseases and poor health is lifestyle-related.

This means that the hundreds of choices we are faced with everyday about how we live and think really do matter when it comes to our health.  It is not our "bad genes" that make us sick, rather it is our body's cells that are chronically stressed and therefore can't adapt to the onslaught of toxins that accumulate inside us.  These cells can't express health so they gradually express disease.

We are excited to offer a specialized, therapeutic lifestyle program called FirstLine Therapy (FLT).  It is very different from today's common medical approach.  The FLT program works to more clearly identify and overcome the cause of ill health and chronic disease and then improve total body function naturally by nourishing, balancing and revitalizing your entire system.  It is powerful, effective, and rewards you with improved health and function that is long lasting.

Once you have made an appointment, we have a wonderful opportunity to identify where you are at and create a pathway together to help you get where you want to be. We analyze your personal and family health history, appropriate test results, current lifestyle and state of health, and clarify your health goals.  We then guide you through a comprehensive, highly personalized, step-by-step program to achieve those goals.

When you follow the steps and get involved in the process, it always works!  Our bodies know how to be healthy and FirstLine Therapy helps you return to what nature intended: a healthy body and mind with abundant energy and vitality that allows you to embrace your life with passion and joy.  We look forward to helping you successfully achieve your personal health goals!