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Healing Qigong is a 5000 year old restorative health practice from China. It has been used by millions to maintain and restore health.

With movement and breath, the Qigong practitioner uses a disciplined form of movement designed to encourage and restore vitality. Qigong literally translates as (Qi) energy or vital force and (gong) discipline or practice. We move energy with everything we do. Come learn and practice developing your own Qi and the Qi around you.

Qigong is suitable for anyone of any age or condition. Qigong has benefited the young and old for thousands of years. With continued practice, many have experienced improved focus, strength and stability while creating space in life to keep mental clarity.

Current Class Schedule

Contact us at the office to get an update when classes are scheduled. 

Morgan Ryser, LMP
Qigong instructor