We are proud of this special store we have created for you! 

We carry an assortment of vitamins, nutritional supplements, natural pain relievers, and other healthy products from the most highly regarded manufacturers.  It is a place designed just for you to enjoy shopping for your healthcare needs and for fun gift ideas.  

Megagenics online store now availible! 

Simply click, register, and shop to have Metagenics products delivered to your door. This is a great option for when you want a product we don't have in stock, or are unable to make it to our office. CLC4Health.Metagenics.Com

Here is a snap shot of the products you may find in our store:

Tri-Core pillows

Back Huggar lumbar supports

Bucky neck pillows

Organic hand-made soap:

Lavender products:

Locally made lotions and bodycare products:



Various seasonal items

You will find products from: