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We all know how challenging it can be to choose a particular office or provider for our health care.  One method that often helps to make that decision is to read what other people have to say about their experience with a provider or an office.  Below are some examples of what our patients have independently written about us:

"My daughter mentioned I haven't complained about my neck hurting for a whole year. It was my 2019 New Years' resolution to finally start seeing a chiropractor, so I started in January and have felt so much better all year." Marie

"I think you have made me into a lifelong chiropractic patient.  I had no idea I could feel this much better!" Dana

"We had such a great time doing At Om in the Kitchen (Yoga & Nutrition workshop). Our fermented foods are almost ready to eat!" Kathy

"I took Barbara's (vinyessa yoga) class last night - it was lovely! As we relaxed into savasana the rains started, bringing waves of sound and silence to the meditation. Your space is beautiful, peaceful, and  just perfect!"  Lynn

"I have been telling people I know, that this (acupuncture) really works! I have nothing to complain about this time. I am good." Jane

"Before you (Dr. Ryan) started working on me, I wasn't able to sleep through the night because of shooting pains. Since my second appointment, I've been able to sleep through the night." Jeffery

"This (Chiropractic with Dr. Dave) is the best thing I do for myself... I always leave feeling much better." Bob

"I appreciate the connection and focus you (Morgan) put into your work, you have mastered your craft." Michaele 

I have been looking for a good massage therapist for a long time-  I've tried many.  I live out in Seabeck... I have found a therapist (Morgan) worth driving for." Deb

"I reinjured my ankle in December and tried many things to help it feel better. Finally I went to Dr. Meg (in January), what a difference. The next day I told my granddaughter I was going to try out my new ankle and take the dog for a walk. She asked did you get a new ankle? I said no just an adjustment. I walked the dog for his 1 mile walk without any pain." Kathy

“I felt some pain with my adjustment and was a little wobbly afterward. But I woke up the next morning and realized that I did not have any back pain. This is the first time in a very long time I had felt this way and I am thrilled with my results!" Peggy  

“I came in for my shoulder and I’m getting so much more. This is a great place!” Jane

“I just love coming here. It’s so relaxing and I don’t feel like I’m on a conveyor belt being told what’s wrong with me.” Pam 

"I am so glad I found this place!"  Gail

I feel like a kid again!!  This place is magical." Eric (Age 52)

"It feels so great to walk out of here without pain after seeing Dr. Powell!!" Susan

"Im feeling better than I did prior to my injury...." Elena

"I injured my rib golfing and was desperately seeking relief. Being new to the area, I searched the phonebook and was unable to find an appointment anywhere. I remembered seeing the Chiropractic Lifestyle Center sign on Riddell and decided to drop in. I was immediately impressed with the decor and the relaxing, spacious environment.

"I was greeted with understanding and kindness from the very professional and friendly staff. This is true every time I go! My acute problem was resolved quickly. In the process, I decided to begin some ongoing treatment which has been long overdue. The Chiropractors are very sensitive to your needs and concerns. The first thing I noticed was how much time they provided you to relax and get comfortable. I have had rushed care before and this difference was significant. They always answer questions and demonstrate on the medical charts, if need be, to create understanding.

"Then I signed up for massage and am extremely impressed with the two Therapists I have seen. As soon as they came in the room, they went directly to the affected area and gave me every option as to my preferences. Their intuition and follow-up advice has been spot on. My girlfriend wanted me to try acupuncture. I have been a guarded skeptic about acupuncture not understanding how it worked. The Acupuncturist is simply one of the brightest young people I have ever met. I had three undeniable experiences which confirmed the effectiveness of this practice. I was even referred to some online materials which I found fascinating about the ancient aspects of this art. I go every other week now.

"My girlfriend has converted from her care providers in Seattle and comes to the CLC now. We have purchased books, neck pillows and organic supplements in the nice little shop they have. Several months later, I am genuinely much healthier and happier from stopping in that first day. Thank you to everybody!"   Russell (52 years young)

"I would like to share my story regarding chiropractic services from Dr. Meg Simans at the Chiropractic Lifestyle Center.  I have been seeing Dr. Simans for years following a car accident that causes my hip to “pop out.”  I am 68 yrs old, and I enjoy going to the Y 4 days a week and I enjoy doing things w/my wonderful grandchildren.  If not for Dr. Simans I would not be able to do this.  I see her monthly, and sometimes when I do something I should not have done, I see her on an emergent basis, but, I always leave with the pain gone."   John

 "I just got home from the YogAlign workshop that the CLC had and I have to say I was impressed with the class. The breathing exercises were extremely helpful. Our instructor is so knowledgeable and explained things that I had never known. I walked away with a greater understanding of how the body works and how it affects ones health. I look forward to doing another class. Thank you."  Sonja

  "I love the 'post-it notes' on your newsletter!  You provide great information to your readers!"   Jenn

"Everyone I have had the pleasure of meeting at CLC is so kind and welcoming.  Just walking into their amazing space is a breath of fresh air!"  Amie

"After Graston treatment, I felt so much relief that I was excited to go and work out!"  Michelle (Age 32)


"Just sitting in their lobby I feel their healing energy!"  Michaele (Age 72)

"That feels good!"  Eliana (Age 3)

"I had back pain in the hospital after knee replacement surgery and I came to CLC on the way home.  Dr Powell relieved the pain that pain medications in the hospital couldn't.  Every time I get "out of whack," he has given me relief."   Linda

"I was visiting for back issues, and luckily mentioned to Dr Dave Powell that I suffered from positional vertigo inner-ear dizziness. Dr. Powell rather quickly and successfully treated me." Jospeh 

"I've never been so happy about a chiropractic visit!  The education and the exercises help me know what I can do to help my situation.  Thank you!  I would not hesitate to come back here for care."   Arlene 

"Just over a year at CLC, came in with sore feet and hands, with stress in my shoulders.  Hands and feet feel great, improved movement and able to "crack" my toes now!  Reduced stress with consistent massages."   Carol (Mental Health Counselor)

"I have been going to CLC for 4 years now.  Without chiropractic care and massage therapy I would not be able to maintain the level of physical activity that I have enjoyed throughout my life."   Bruce (Court Administrator)

"I have been in several accidents causing whiplash symptoms - these have relieved with treatments.  Also treatment for  plantar fascitis in both feet.  Thank you!"    Jean (Retired Registered Nurse)

"I rate this place 10 out of 10!"     Adam (age 11)

"Came in for back problem 2 years ago.  I'm feeling much better coming back for treatments - it's really doing my whole body good.  Thank you!" Ruth (Domestic Goddess)

"10 months of dealing with a sore back, great care, better mobility, no muscle medication and sleeping better."  Dave (Landscaping Business)

"5 years of care here at CLC.  I have had chiropractic care previously but was seeking a doctor who was interested in my health challenges and concerns.  Dr Meg's education (which she always continues), compassion and passion for what she does and for her patients, brings me a great deal of "health peace of mind."     Valerie (Office Manager)

"I have been coming to CLC for over two years.  I have received chiropractic, massage and nutrition care.   Initially CLC was a recommendation from my acupuncturist because I had pulled my hamstring.  My acupuncturist said that CLC was a great place because they cared about the 'whole' person and not just the issue.  Wow, was she RIGHT!

"I was reluctant to try any type of chiropractic treatment.  I had visited a chiropractor only once about 15 years before and it was not a good experience.  I had vowed never to seek chiropractic care again.  Since my injury was flaring up my back problem, my acupuncturist suggested a combination of acupuncture and chiropractic care.  My acupuncturist went to CLC so I agreed to give it a try.  I'm so glad I did!

"Needless to say, the rest is history.  I've never felt better.  I not only have relief from my back, but more range in my neck and I no longer carry stress in my shoulders.  The massage therapists work with the doctors to continue the treatment.  It's nice to know the doctors and the therapists talk.  I've also tried many of the products they carry.  I love the Metagenics cleanse.  It's very do-able not to mention you have so much more energy.  I love the staff, care and facility.  They all have such a great personal touch.  I have recommended CLC to many of my friends. Thanks to the team at Chiropractic Lifestyle Center I eat healthier, have more energy and have started running again.

Roxann (School teacher)