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Movement Studio Instructors

Sarah Nolan, RYT

Washington native and traveler at heart, Sarah lives in a little house by the water with two handsome cats, a nice view and a big yard.  She loves dancing, reading, and yoga.

Sarah is a teacher and teaching is her natural state of being.  “Yoga helps me connect with my True Nature, and I hope to help others connect with theirs.”  Sarah holds an MA in Education and she is a life-long learner.  She also holds a 200 hour Yoga teaching certificate from Blooming Lotus Yoga School, KohPhangan, Thailand and spends time each year learning and practicing with her Yoga community in Bali, Indonesia.   She also continues to expand her formal meditation instruction at Blooming Lotus Yoga School, Thailand & Bali.   Sarah intends to spend the next phase of life traveling, teaching, practicing and growing.


Aly Anderson, RYT

Aly has been practicing yoga for over 15 years and is forever a student of Yoga. The most wonderful thing for her about the practice is that the more you show up, the more you learn, experience, and better understand the true Self.  Teaching yoga is all about love and personal empowerment. Aly wants the world to know, and have access to, the healing power of Yoga. “When your passion collides with what the world needs, there you will find your purpose.” Aly received her 200 RYT training at Marianne Wells Yoga School, Cahuita, Costa Rica.

Aly has a passion for all things nature. She was born in the woods, and is always most at home when she is out in the forest, hiking or meditating. She loves to unleash her creative energy through large-scale chalk drawings, gardening, crafting with her children, and spontaneous dance parties. Aly enjoys reading and is always looking for book recommendations!   “I try not to take life too seriously, for laughter truly is the best medicine.”

Katie Rains, RYT

Katie has been practicing yoga for 15 years and received her 200 Hour Power Yoga Teacher Training certification from CorePower Yoga – West Loop, Chicago in April 2018. She was so excited about teaching that she continued on and took the CorePower Extensions Program, gaining 50 additional hours of teaching education. Upon completion, she began teaching all-level vinyasa style classes for ChiroOne Wellness Center – West Loop, Chicago and founded Bridgeport Community Yoga to share yoga with her community.

Katie is a transplant to the Pacific Northwest and has lived and traveled all over the world. While she loves to travel, she is putting down roots in Kitsap County to be near her family. Her goal as a yoga instructor is to help students connect to their personal power, in both body and mind, to create the life of their dreams. Her goal as a human is to develop community through building relationships that honor and support everyone involved. She is passionate about growing food, sewing, and exploring closed-loop systems that reduce waste and environmental impact.